Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I use your services?
    • I have years of experience caring for companion pets for friends and family and I am a certified veterinary technician so I've had experience with some other species as well. I keep up with my continuing education requirements and I am always wanting to learn more!  I am a Certified Professional Pet Sitter through Pet Sitters International with a verified background check. I am also a Fear Free professional and member of Pet Professional Guild where we believe there's no place for shock, prong, choke, pain, fear, or force. I have my certification in first aid, CPR, and I am fully bonded & insured.
  • How does your stop-in and overnight services work?
    • With a stop in visit I will come to your home and provide your pet the care they need 2-4 times/day including feeding, fresh water, medicating, basic grooming, etc. With an overnight stay I will come to your home and spend the night while providing the same above services to your pet and giving you the security that your home and pets are safe and comfortable. I also will provide general house care such as grabbing mail, trash take out, plant watering, etc.
  • Do you have a set time for stop-in visits?
    • No. My stop-in visits and dog walking visits are available from 7 AM to 7 PM. My services are given a one hour booster before and after your scheduled time. Example: You schedule a dog walking at 10 AM, I will be there between 9 AM and 11 AM. 
  • Do I have to schedule a consult?
    • Yes; this visit is important to provide your pet the opportunity to become acquainted to me prior to care. This also serves as an important time to go over my policies and contracts prior to service.
  • Do I have to provide you with a key and how do I get it back?
    • No, I understand a lot of people have key codes today and I am comfortable and familiar using them. However, I will need to be provided with a key or code prior to service. There is an additional $5 fee for me to come and pick up/drop off your key before or after services.
  • What happens in an emergency?
    • I strongly encourage clients to have an emergency plan in place prior to placing pet care in another person's hands, but I also have an emergency plan and once the consult is over can make a basic plan for your pet while in my care. I will then send it to you for your review and signature. I also have a form available that you may choose to fill out in the event you are unable to return home as some situations cannot be foreseen.
  • Can I schedule every other day visits for my cat/s?
    • No. I do feel that each pet should be seen at least once daily while in my care.
  • Do you care for other animals?
    • All pets in the home must be acknowledged as part of my professional diligence to not neglect any animal. If I am unable to provide for that species, care will need to be arranged. On that note, I have and will care for bunnies, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, and birds (caged only). If you have other species, please contact me for further discussion.
  • How does your dog walking service work?
    • Currently I will walk 1-2 dogs from the same family for up to 30 min. 
  • What are your service areas?
    • My active service areas include: Johnson Creek, Sullivan, Ottawa, Wales, Dousman, Delafield, Hartland, Oconomowoc, Chenequa, Okauchee Lake, North Lake, Merton, Lisbon, Sussex, Nashotah, and Ixonia. Further locations upon discussion and additional fees.
  • How can I book services with you?
    • I use Power Pet Sitters to book my appointments and strongly ask that you check my outlook calendar under the 'Services' tab  regarding my current schedule. You can click on the picture to the right of this section to be directed to Power Pet Sitters.
  • How is payment handled?
    • Upon reservation of services. I will hold payment until the end of my services shall there be any concerns, in which I am more than happy to discuss with you as I strive to provide the best care I can for you and your fur family.

If you have further questions please contact me via email or phone.



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